Brooks Running

Brooks is a Seattle-based company that makes running gear favored by runners around the world, including myself. Brooks holds its values to the social good that can come from running, creating successful running shoes from a scientific, environmentally ethical approach. The brand is popular with athletes because of its quality and its philosophy that running is a skill.

The brand was developed around the updated Brooks monogram, color palette, and typography style. This ultimately was reflected in the positioning statement: Made by runners for runners, Brooks is the only running shoe manufacturer that empowers the life-improving joyfulness that comes with a good run, thanks to their well-designed, dependable footwear with a focus on quality, community, and the environment.
Steve Watson
Sean Wolcott
The monogram and logotype are integral parts of the Brooks brand system. The monogram references motion and organic curves from the original Brooks logo.
Typographically, humanist font FreightNeo Pro balances out athletic DIN, creating an approachable type pairing for an athletic brand.
A brand guidelines document was created, detailing key aspects of the visual identity.
This content was produced in the following quarter, spring of 2019. I wanted to continue the identity project from the previous quarter, elevating and simplifying the original website. Pages were created with three break points: web, tablet, and mobile.