Castor Sans

Castor is a geometric, sans-serif typeface repurposed from several hand-painted characters taken from the side of a 1901 CNJ steam engine. Drawing inspiration from the mechanical curves and the rigidity of a locomotive, Castor's personality captures a distinctly urban aesthetic.
Karen Cheng
Dividing the alphabet to about 14 characters per teammate, we received an industrially-derived type sample, pulled from the side of a 1901 CNJ steam engine. To create a more employable typeface, we diverged from the extended nature of the seen letterforms, aiming more for the ratio seen in the numbers.
Design of the following: B, E, F, I, M, N, P, R, 6, 8, 9, *, hyphenation, @, &.
Eric Nakassa
Alex Alspaugh
Claire Kantner
Jack Sinclair
Castor Sans
After solidifying on our general forms, we scanned our characters and began to digitize them in Glyphs.