Portfolio of Eli Kahn
Slip Rabbit is an experimental, interdisciplinary 3D-printed ceramic research studio run by a professor at the University of Washington, Timea Tihanyi. I have been lucky enough to have an ongoing design relationship with the studio over several years, first creating the Slip Rabbit “S” mark, followed by a summer internship producing some physical pieces in 2018.

Most recently, I produced a 150-page publication—Making and Breaking Rules with Algorithmic Forms and Tactile Processes: A Technoceramist’s Adventures with Mathematical Thinking. Part textbook, part manifesto, the book details Timea's experimentations and collaborations between art and math, through code, technology, and porcelain ceramics.

In full transparency, the printer for this publication is Seattle-based, and the production has been postponed due to COVID-19. I will have photographs soon, but in the meantime am using mockups.
Slip Rabbit Studio
Publication, Logo, 3D-Printed Ceramics
2018 – 2020
The mark references ideas of collaboration and duality within the studio. Art and Math, Hand and Machine, Learning and Teaching. (2018)
The 2018 summer internship involved iterations on the form of a 3D-printed ceramic pouring vessel.
A point was made to capture the distinctive atmosphere of Slip Rabbit, feeling simultaneously speculative and hyper-technical.
Screen-derived graphics exist beside notebook scans and pieces of actualized code, blending both physical and digital artifacts.