Portfolio of Eli Kahn
Studies — A collection of one-offs, infographics, illustrations, and stand-alone projects that aren't quite big enough for a case study.
2018 – 2020
This was a project conducted for the University of Washington's Urban Freight Lab, as a visualization looking at the paths donated food takes through the supply chain of Seattle's food bank network.
Mapping Distribution Paths for Food Bank Networks, Seattle
Research, Infographic
This was a conceptual art project playing with the concept of a photograph. The device functions between an Arduino, a laptop running Processing, and a small printer.

A read is conducted at the second that the button is pressed, consisting of latitude, longitude, time (from the year to the second), temperature, pressure, and humidity. The data is fed into Processing, and mapped into RGB values, creating a truly unique graphic in the center.

The outer shape that changes colors is a derivative of the temperature, pressure, and humidity changing across time, as well as location. The dot in the center is derived from latitude and longitude, which remains the same color (because the object is stationary) and is thus unique to any other location on the planet.
Geolocation Recorder
Arduino, Processing
This was a piece I did after my experience studying abroad in Rome.
Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna
Illustration, Printmaking, Lino-cut