Eli Kahn
REI Co-op
A marketing internship over the summer of 2019, conducting a competitive brand audit for REI, along with several other projects for the Co-op (such as art direction in REI's photo studio, and exercising illustration skills for a set of holiday gift cards). This was followed by a contract position within Co-op Brands the following winter of 2020, conducting similar audits around greenwashing and impact, explorations on future REI Co-op pop-ups, and an exploration of a sustainability-minded sub-brand within REI. More available upon request.
Audit, Presentation
2019 / 20

REI Co-op Internship

fig. 1 — brand collateral was collected physically and digitally, functioning like mood boards

fig. 2 — detail of the file structure for organizing brand content

fig. 3 — brands were distilled into core, instinctive descriptors, or the first impressions a customer might have when initially interacting with them

fig. 4 — a selection of illustrations done for the 2019 REI holiday gift card set

Co-op Brands Contract Work

fig. 5 — a slide from an audit breaking down the concept of greenwashing within design: cataloging certain trends to watch for, language and tropes to avoid in marketing, different metrics of success for measuring brand sustainability, and points of interest regarding brand responsibility for a selection of brands.

fig. 6 — a slide from concept work imagining different points in which REI could interact with consumers with a REI Co-op Brand-specific pop-up store, between physical locations and potential activations.

fig. 7 — collage illustration for a segment exploring a Co-op Cycles-specific store

fig. 8 — a diagram mapping components of a "circular" system, laying groundwork for a system describing the full story of a Co-op Brands product, covering the design, manufacturing origins, maintenance, repair, and eventual responsible disposal.

fig. 9 — brand and naming exploration for the future sub-brand within REI

fig. 10 — icon exploration for the future sub-brand within REI

(for Internship) Dylan Harrington