Eli Kahn
Variable Objects
Variable Objects is my senior capstone project for the University of Washington. My partner, Eric Nakassa, is an Industrial Design student that I had worked with previously building the Charlotte Perriand Tokyo Bench. Our partnership between Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design aims to fully realize this project, as well as addresses our shared interest between disciplines. Variable Objects is a kit of parts, aiming to create furniture and other household objects, while retaining the potential to be deconstructed and evolve. Our audience centers on apartment renters with limited space, a younger generation who moves more often, and those carrying an interest in “Maker Culture” — a hands-on, creative, DIY community exploring everything from 3D-printing to woodworking to computational electronics.
Identity, Furniture

fig. 1 — render style

fig. 2 — render detail

fig. 3 — illustration style

fig. 4 — “super joint”

fig. 5 — stationary

fig. 6 — beanie and pins

fig. 7 — social

fig. 8 — email

fig. 9 — index of parts

fig. 10 — website walkthrough

fig. 11 — website

fig. 12 — website still

Eric Nakassa