Eli Kahn
Slip Rabbit Studio
Slip Rabbit is an experimental, interdisciplinary 3D-printed ceramic research studio run by a professor at the University of Washington, Timea Tihanyi. I have been lucky enough to have an ongoing design relationship with the studio over several years, first creating the Slip Rabbit “S” mark, followed by a summer internship producing some physical pieces in 2018. Most recently, I produced a 150-page publication—Making and Breaking Rules with Algorithmic Forms and Tactile Processes: A Technoceramist’s Adventures with Mathematical Thinking. Part textbook, part manifesto, the book details Timea's experimentations and collaborations between art and math, through code, technology, and porcelain ceramics.
Publication, Identity
2018 / 20

fig. 1 — Making and Breaking Rules

fig. 2 — detail

fig. 3 — detail

fig. 4 — detail

fig. 5 — detail

fig. 6 — pour test from my 2018 internship with Slip Rabbit

fig. 7 — pitcher, v.2

fig. 8 — pitcher, v.2 .stl file

Publication: 9" x 9"